MirrorTV Buying Guide


When choosing a MirrorTV, there are a number of factors to consider.  We will talk you through these on this page.  Some of the points will cover how to choose the right size of Mirror TV, the type of glass and frame choices.

Let’s take the size first.  It’s important to choose the right size for the room you’re thinking of installing the television mirror.  The way you have to think about the product is to ignore the fact that there’s a TV involved.  Ask yourself, what size of mirror or frame style you’d choose if you were simply installing a mirror on the wall.  

The first step is to measure the space you have.  If it’s just a blank wall, then it’s a pretty simple process.  Below we have a picture of a room with a fireplace.  We are unable to advise as to whether your fireplace is suitable for a TV to be installed above it.  Your fireplace manufacturer or AV installer should be able to help with this.  Now there are 3 main measurements you will need.  

A. The width of the mantelpiece.

B. The width of the uprights in on the fireplace.

C. The height between the mantelpiece and either the ceiling or bottom of the cornice as illustrated below.

The idea is to have a mirror that still has a gap below between the bottom of the frame and mantelpiece.  In addition to this, a gap at the top between the frame and cornice.  This means the mirror doesn’t look squashed above the fireplace.  In terms of width, you should aim to have something that is roughly the same width as the ‘B’ measurement.  Whilst there’s no hard and fast rule, it’s good practice.  The client in the above home had to have a 55″ TV, so therefore the width of the MirrorTV is wider than ‘B’, but not wider than the ‘A’ measurement.  Once you have these measurements, it’s now time to move onto the TV sizes.

On our specifications and pricing page, each model has a glass size quoted in the relevant column.  See the image below for sizes.  The glass sizes quoted are the total measurements of the glass in width and height.  This measurements does not include the frame.  So let’s take our 49″ size for example.  The measurements of this glass are 1176mm x 715mm.

Now that we’ve got a glass size in mind, we can add the dimensions of the frame to arrive at the overall dimensions of the unit.

On our frame options page, you’ll find some of our standard frames available.  It’s worthwhile knowing that we also have access to hundreds, if not thousands of other frame mouldings.  But it’s impossible to illustrate these on our website.

So if there’s something you have in mind, and you don’t see it, please do contact us to see if this is something we can do within our standard pricing, or have to make on a bespoke basis.

For this example, we’ll choose S102.  As you can see, S102 is 106mm wide.  So here you would add 2 x 106mm to the glass dimensions.  You could be really precise and take off the 10mm from the frame that covers the glass.  But let’s keep it simple for now.

Glass dimensions;

1,176mm x 715mm

Frame width 106mm.  Amount to add to glass is 212mm.

Overall dimensions;

1,388mm x 927mm


If you feel that the overall size is either too small or too large, you can move up or down to the next size of glass and recalculate as required.  In addition to these standard sizes, we can also create bespoke sizes where you can stipulate the overall dimensions, and we will fit the largest TV possible in that size.

The next thing to think about is the type of glass.  We do two types of Mirror TV glass.  Our standard glass is a smoked finish, and our premium glass is a brighter mirror finish.  It’s still slightly smoked, but a better mirror than the standard glass.

You might see some of our competitors websites with true silver mirror glass.  In most cases, they have simply superimposed a TV image onto a standard mirror.  This is very misleading since it’s not what you will end up in your home.  On our website, every single photo is of a product that we have supplied.  If you look carefully at our gallery pics, you’ll notice that some of the TV mirrors do look smoked.  

With a Mirror TV, due to it’s very nature, it will be more reflective than a regular TV.  ie.  It’s more susceptible to glare from light.  So the rule of thumb is, the darker the mirror, the less glare you experience.  9 out of 10 products sold through us go out with our standard glass.  Remember, the idea isn’t to fool a burglar to stop them from stealing your TV.  The idea is to display a TV in a more aesthetically pleasing way.  In living areas, the glass being smoked isn’t an issue for most.

Below are two pictures of our standard and premium mirror to highlight the differences.  It’s difficult to compare directly, but it at least gives you a better understanding of what we mean by the term “smoked” mirror.


However, in areas like bedrooms, where the mirror is used to maybe apply makeup for instance, the need for a better mirror is important.  In this scenario, our premium mirror glass would be more suitable as TV is predominantly watched at night time in a bedroom setting.  At PictureFrame.TV, we would rather not sell you a product than have you buy something that is not suitable or you’re not happy with.  So it’s very important from the very outset that everything is discussed and considered before placing an order.


We hope that reading this has proven to be helpful.  Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team who will be happy to help.