Full Length Leaner MirrorTV


Sometimes, we’re asked to create a Mirror TV product which is outside of our standard product specifications.  Over the years we’ve been asked to design and manufacture many full length Mirror TV pieces for our customers.

They are a wonderful addition to any home.  Due to their size and shape, they’re even more of a talking point in any home.

The full length mirror is a common accessory in many a bedroom and dressing room.  They’re usually statement pieces in themselves.  But couple to that a hidden TV inside the glass, it makes it that much more special.

Full length Mirror TV products we’ve made, range from a humble 22″ screen to an absolutely huge 75″.  The latter we believe to be the world’s largest floor standing Mirror TV.

Prices for full length Mirror TV products start from £1,499.  If you’re an interior designer or AV professional with a requirement for these types of products, please feel free to get in touch for more detailed pricing.