ArtTV – Motorised Canvas Hidden TV System


PictureFrame.TV’s core product is the MirrorTV, and it’s the best selling brand of MirrorTV in the UK today.  However, there are instances when due to bright lighting, or simply the design of the room, a MirrorTV is not suitable.  For this, we have created the ArtTV.  

The ArtTV enables you to hide a wall mounted TV behind what looks like a painting or framed piece of art.  It’s our only retro fit product that can be fitted over an existing modern LED TV.

With an almost infinite choice of artwork and frames, there’s something for everyone.  Whether you choose a classic painting or a digitally printed modern abstract piece of art, we can ensure you’ll be pleased with your choice.

More and more people are becoming design conscious, and especially in more traditional interiors, a modern TV looks very out of place.  The ArtTV enables you to completely make the TV invisible.

Each unit is individually made for your size of TV, and can be made in many different shapes to suit the artwork, ie. landscape or portrait.  Controlled via radio frequencies, it’s more reliable than infra-red which requires line of sight.  

The product can also be used alongside with a control system such as Control 4 or Crestron with the purchase of a control module.

For more information on our ArtTV, please feel free to contact us.